Our Pledge

KindiCare Pledge

KindiCare was started after our founder’s family had undertaken the exact same journey as millions of parents and guardians – the search for the right early childhood education and care service for the most important people in our lives.

KindiCare’s objective is simple: deliver innovative solutions that support the community with a fantastic customer experience for parents and guardians while making the lives of childcare operators and educators easier so they can spend more time with the children in their care.

We recognise that not all children in our community have the same education opportunities.

KindiCare from commencement has taken the pledge to donate 1% of revenue to appropriate organisations and causes that improve the education opportunities and outcomes for children both here in Australia, and overseas.

This philanthropic approach will never change, and will be a key way for KindiCare as a business to give back to the communities we serve.

Our hope is that the community will benefit more and more as KindiCare grows. 

What does KindiCare donate?

KindiCare donates 1% of all revenue from the business to appropriate organisations and causes.

How frequently does KindiCare donate?

KindiCare will make donations once every financial quarter.

How does KindiCare determine what organisations and causes to donate to?

KindiCare is not aligned to any particular charity or organisation. KindiCare’s management team will determine each quarter which causes, and organisations will receive donations.

What criteria is used?

KindiCare has basic criteria. The cause or organisation that receives any donation must be providing programs or support to communities in the area of early childhood education and care. 

This can include organisations that are providing financial or educational support to children as well as parents and guardians, to improve the educational outcomes of children and give them the best start to learning.

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