About Us

Our inspiration.

Our family has undertaken the exact same journey as millions of parents and guardians, the search for the right early childhood education and care service for the most important people in our lives. Our own personal journey into parenthood took us very quickly into an unfamiliar world of early childhood education and care. We found the process of searching, comparing, enquiring and applying for childcare services far more stressful, complex and difficult than it needed to be. Communicating with multiple childcare providers was time consuming and getting updates applications for care involved countless follow up emails and phone calls. Our experience as a family led me to create KindiCare; a unique two-sided marketplace specifically developed for the early childhood education and care market to help parents and guardians and childcare providers to connect and engage throughout the early learning and care journey.

Benjamin Balk

KindiCare Founder, CEO, Dad


Who We Are

A unique marketplace for early learning.

KindiCare is a unique two-sided marketplace platform specifically developed for the early childhood education and care market. Our aim is to make the journey into early childhood education and care simpler, easier and more engaging for millions of parents and guardians; whilst at the same time making the process more efficient and effortless for the thousands of childcare providers who want to ensure most of their time is focused on improving the lives and educational outcomes of the children in their care.


How We Support You

We’re right alongside you for your entire journey.

Finding childcare is not a quick process. It takes weeks or even months of searching to find the right childcare for you and your family, and even longer to get a place secured for your little one. The KindiCare App is there to support you on your own childcare journey, from the moment you start searching, all the way through to your child’s enrolment.


How We Provide Transparency and Trust

A simple and easy way to compare services.

Transparency and trust regarding the quality of early childhood education and care services matters! The KindiCare Rating is an independent rating system developed by KindiCare so parents and guardians, childcare providers, childcare educators, childcare owners and government can easily compare the quality of childcare services provided in Australia. This helps parents and guardians in their search and selection process for early childhood education and care services; and supports childcare providers in understanding how their service compares with their peers locally and nationally.


Our Mission

Providing innovative solutions to life’s challenges.

KindiCare exists because of the real-world problems and issues our family faced on our search for early childhood education and care. When we looked at the problems more deeply, we realised that those issues weren’t one sided, and that childcare providers also had their own challenges in engaging with parents and guardians. It takes both sides of the market to improve the experience. That’s why KindiCare developed an integrated solution to support both sides of the marketplace: the KindiCare App for Parents and Guardians and the KindiCare CRM for childcare providers. KindiCare is equally committed in delivering innovation and solutions that provide a fantastic customer experience for parents and guardians while making the lives of childcare operators and educators easier so they can spend more time with the children in their care.


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