KindiCare Cost of Living Survey 2023
Australian families faced many pressures as we emerged from COVID in 2022, with rising inflation, interest rate hikes, rent rises and redundancies occurring across many industries.
KindiCare is conducting a cost of living survey to see how young Australian families are being impacted by cost of living pressures and how this has affected the financial situation and mental health of young families.
This is your chance to share how your family is coping with the rise in the cost of living and how you feel about the future for you and your children coming into 2023.
The results of our cost of living survey will be used to inform the public, politicians and economists of how cost of living pressures are affecting Australian families.

1. Suburb or postcode where you live? *

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2. Are you a single parent family or a two parent family? *

3. Do you currently work? *

4. How many hours do you work a week? *

5. If you have a partner do they also work? *

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7. Have either you or your partner or both had to find additional work, or start working, to help pay the bills since pre-Covid? *

8. How many children do you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 plus? *

9. What is your combined household family income per year? *

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