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The KindiCare Childcare Subsidy Calculator

Simplify your search for early childhood education and care services by seeing your estimated childcare subsidy applied across all eligible services with fees listed on the KindiCare App.


Search with your estimated childcare subsidy applied.

You can now use the KindiCare App to search for childcare with your estimated childcare subsidy (CCS) applied! This makes it simple to see both the total fees and your estimated out of pocket costs as you search and compare early learning services near you.

Ditch the Calculator!

As parents ourselves, we know the pain of trying to calculate what out of pocket expenses look like with children in Childcare.

Whilst there are many government, childcare provider and childcare comparison websites which offer subsidy calculators, they’re often complex and take many steps and require the result to be sent to you on email wasting your valuable time.

Sometimes these calculators are also only available for a particular brand or type of childcare, or use an average daily fee figure that does not relate to what you’ll actually be paying for childcare services in your area.And not only that, you have to do the process for every service you’re considering!


Childcare simplified. Download the Free KindiCare App with built in childcare subsidy calculator.

It can be frustrating having to calculate the estimated subsidy for every service you’re considering, re-entering details over and over again and then having to wait for an email with lacklustre information, so we came up with a solution that lets you search for services with your estimated childcare subsidy applied.

The KindiCare Search with Subsidy Feature is now available with the latest version of the KindiCare App which you can download for free.

Once you’ve installed the KindiCare App, seeing all eligible services on KindiCare with your estimated childcare subsidy applied is as simple as entering your household taxable income and your activity hours against your Profile. Once you’ve done this, it’s like applying a discount or promotion code to services. Every childcare centre on the KindiCare App that has their fees available for their eligible services will show both the actual fee per session for each service as well the estimated out of pocket fee after the estimated childcare subsidy is applied based on your own unique circumstances! It’s that easy!

You can even filter early learning services based on your estimated gap payment/fee so you can easily find services in your area that fit your budget!

The KindiCare App is all about transparency and simplicity. This is just one of the many ways we’re cutting out childcare confusion and making the childcare journey simpler and easier for families looking for early childhood education and care services.

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Save your favourites.

KindiCare allows you to quickly build a shortlist of your favourite childcare centres and services to find again easily as well as share your favourite centres and services simply with your partner, relatives and friends.


Enquire and apply quickly.

Once you’ve created your shortlist, KindiCare makes it simple and easy for you to engage with your preferred childcare providers. You can easily make enquiries, book visits or tours or apply for childcare places with multiple childcare providers all from the KindiCare App. 

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