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24 children

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18 June 2010

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The Montessori Difference The Montessori Approach fosters independence, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Children develop their concentration and executive functioning skills as well as a love and joy in learning. The Prepared Environment In a Montessori Environment, children become emerged in an atmosphere of orderliness, calmness and purposeful work. The environment is prepared according to the needs and interests of the children in the group. There are five curriculum areas in a Montessori Centre: Practical Life activities are purposeful tasks that simulate the activities involved in everyday life. The exercises fall into four categories: Care of the Self, Care of the Environment, Grace and Courtesy, and Control of Movement. Sensorial activities are those which refine the five senses – tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory senses. Language materials enable children to explore letters, sounds, handwriting, and eventually reading and writing. The Maths curriculum is based on giving children exposure to concrete materials first, then giving them incremental opportunities to work to more abstract concepts working within the 1-10 concept and beyond. Cultural activities expose the child to such fields of enquiry as history, geography, science, biology (zoology, botany) and the arts. Your child’s experience When your child attends the Montessori Children’s House, their experience is governed by our overarching vision of World Peace and our mission to nurture respect, curiosity and imagination; to inspire a passion for excellence; and to awaken the human spirit.


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19 Wienholt Street, Auchenflower, QLD 4066

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