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60 children

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19 August 2010

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Long Day Care

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Long Day Care
13 To 24 Months
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"From birth, children begin to develop relationships; first with their parents and families, and then with their educators and other children"
Early Years Learning Framework

Our Inquiry Based Philosophy is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which focuses on the importance of play-based learning to guide children towards achieving developmental goals across 5 learning outcomes.


In the Nursery there is a world of new experiences that your baby will discover, which is why we place a strong importance on relationship building.

As your child meets new people for the first time, they will start to develop body movements and sounds to communicate and begin to connect with their educators. Our educators work closely with each child, taking time to respond and acknowledge each of their communicative cues. We focus on building respectful and caring relationships to enable your child to trust their educator and achieve a sense of belonging. This empowers them to progress with their development through exploring the world and those around them.

Developmental Goals

Understands simple communicative gestures like pointing to what they want or waving 'bye bye'

Responds to own name being called, family names and familiar objects

Sits without support and stands by pulling themselves up using furniture



Show initial signs of empathy and kindness to others

As your toddler begins to take their first steps, they will also start to navigate feelings and relationships whilst developing a strong sense of identity and agency.

At this age demonstrating independence can be very important to your child. Our educators encourage this by presenting options for your child to interact with and make decisions based on their emerging interests. This can be through having a variety of different learning environments set up, allowing self-serving at mealtimes, or posing questions in conversation to extend on thoughts or ideas. This not only encourages toddlers to explore new interests but also focuses on language development by encouraging children to begin to articulate their interests with educators, friends, and family.

Developmental Goals

Walk, run, climb, jump and begin to kick a ball

Engage in parallel play alongside other toddlers

Sort objects by shape and colour, and begin to count with numbers

Comprehend questions and follow simple directions


Your child’s kindergarten years are an exciting time, where they will start to focus on building friendships as they become more interested in playing with others and working in teams.

They will start to engage in structured games and develop social skills and competence through learning to understand the perspectives of others and their rights and responsibilities within groups. We have harnessed the importance of learning through structured games in team settings and partnered with the Australian College of Physical Literacy to implement the Active Early Learning Curriculum (AEL) tailored to this age group. The AEL Curriculum not only promotes the development of strong physical motor skills, but also supports your child in developing their social, emotional, and cognitive skills to ensure that they feel confident starting school. Our Kindergarten Programs follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and are approved by the Queensland Government.

Developmental Goals

Take part in conversations, tell stories, and use adult forms of speech

Enjoy playing, sharing, and cooperating with other children

Hops, jumps runs with ease, and climbs with alternating feet

Increased attention span, memory, and recall


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There are currently no reviews of this centre. Be the first to review and leave feedback on this service.


725.06 km

43 Pope Street, Tarragindi, QLD 4121

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