Win a Vegepod Garden Bed

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 02 Feb 2024

Vegepod makes gardening easy, and you have a chance to win one of their award-winning garden set-ups!          


FEBRUARY 2, 2024

Growing your own food is fun and fulfilling, and if you’re busy raising kids, you’ll be looking for a way to share the goodness of gardening, without too much tending!  

This is where Vegepod is your friend, because they make a whole range of raised garden beds that take up minimal time and space, while delivering all the benefits of home-grown food. 

Each Vegepod garden bed can water itself for up to three weeks, and whether your child wants to check on the plants every second, or open the mesh canopy when the time is ripe, Vegepod creates a happy growing environment for greens and vegetables.  

We’re loving the idea of basil planted next to baby toms, with some lettuce and spinach in the mix, but this is just the beginning!  

You can grow loads of different edibles in a Vegepod, without worrying about hungry pests, invasive weeds or wild weather, and the whole experience promises to be really positive for your pre-schooler.  

This article explains all the benefits of gardening with young kids, and if you’d love a raised garden bed at your place, then read on! 

Thanks to Vegepod, we have one Small Starter Pack with Stand to give away to a KindiCare reader. 

This Vegepod set-up is perfect for city kids and suburban families, because it fits on a balcony or in a backyard, and can grow up to 15 varieties of greens and vegetables!  

The Vegepod Small Starter Pack is super easy to assemble, and it includes: 

  • A small Vegepod garden bed, with 0.5 x 1 metre of growing space 
  • A small Vegepod stand to raise your garden bed to waist height 
  • Vegepod Perlite Plus, and 
  • Vegepod Booster liquid feed. 

This prize will green the thumbs and put healthy food in little tums, and for your chance to win, simply head to KindiCare’s
Instagram or Facebook page and follow the entry instructions. 

Good luck!