KindiCare Excellence Awards 2022

The KindiCare Excellence Awards celebrate the top performing early childhood education and care centres right across Australia.


2022 Award Winners

Western Australian Winner

Starbright Early Learning Centre

KindiCareAugust 29th, 2022


Starbright Early Learning Centre – Osborne Park has tied in equal first place in Western Australia, with a sparkly KindiCare Rating of 9.6.

This long day care service has been family owned and run since 2008, and a lot of thought goes into the education and care that’s offered. Starbright embraces the Reggio Emilia approach and provides children with a safe, natural learning environment that nurtures their curiosity and desire to learn, with their ‘100 languages.’ Children are encouraged to research, investigate, experiment and explore in happy, home-like surrounds, and play is a fundamental part of the Starbright day! Children are supported to lead their own learning, and whether they’re interested in building blocks or butterflies, they’re given opportunities build their strengths, repeat what they enjoy, and learn at their own pace. Educators praise and encourage little learners to build their self-esteem, and they spend time listening to children and families to really understand their needs and wants. Families love the way educators encourage confidence and creativity in their children, and there’s a beautiful atmosphere of positivity at this service, with meaningful connections between children, families, educators and the wider community. Many staff members have been at Starbright for a long time, and they’re dedicated to providing the best education and care possible. This service has been rated Exceeding National Quality Standard in all seven areas, and it’s a shining light in the lives of its learners. Children are guided to follow their dreams, and the experiences and people at this award-winning service provide an incredible launchpad for life.

Information correct as at July 1 2022
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